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Conferences and Messages available on CD - $5.00 each






Set of 2 of Opal Reddin’s study & sermon notes  (read only – computer)

$20.00 (set)





Sermons on CD by Pastor Bill Randles - $5.00 each



Divine Healing Revisited



Escape or Refuge



The Coming Last Days



The Finality of Death



The Glories of Heaven



The Way Everlasting



Vision of a Holy God



Will you be made Whole?



You are invited to the Wedding






Study on “Sola Scriptura” – Set of 4 CD’s

Anton Bosch



Anton Bosch


Conformed or Transformed

Anton Bosch


Do you love Him? -  Set of 2 CD’s

Anton Bosch





IFCB Conference – March, 2007  Set of  10 CD’s



What are our Priorities?

Anton Bosch


Traps for Preachers – Part 1

Anton Bosch


Michael Fleming’s Testimony

Michael Fleming



PAA Quaye


New Breed

Jewel Grewe


Traps for Preachers – Part 2

Anton Bosch


Bruce Marchiano’s Testimony

Bruce Marchiano


Contending for the Faith

Michael Fleming


The Emergent Church

Jewel Grewe


The Relationship between the Father and the Son

Anton Bosch





Discerning the Times Conference on CD – Lafayette, IN – July  2005



1.   Psychology and it’s Effects

Lynn Leslie


2.   New Age in the Church

Sarah Leslie


3.   Theophostic Prayer Ministry

Jan Fletcher


4.   Transformation of the work place and the entry into the Church

Lynn Leslie


5.   Purpose Driven Church

Sarah Leslie


6.   Apologetics from a Journalist’s Perspective

Jan Fletcher


7.   The Apostolic Reformation

Sandy Simpson


8.   Mysticism

Jewel Grewe


9.   Synergy

Sandy Simpson


10.  Manifestations of the Global Church

Sarah Leslie





Discerning the Times Conference, Naugatuck, CT Oct. 20-23, 2005



1.  True Worship – Pt 1

John Marston


2.  True Worship – Pt 2

John Marston


3.  The Business Model in the Church

Lynn Leslie


4.  The Transition of the Evangelical Church

Sarah Leslie


5.  The Latter Rain

Carl Guiney


6.  God’s Ecumenical Mandate (from  video)

Opal Reddin


7.  Aligning with the Supernatural

Jewel Grewe


8.  Marketing Methodologies in the Church

Sarah Leslie


9.  Rightly dividing the Word – Workers that need not be ashamed

Anton Bosch


10. The Cross and the Blood of Christ

Anton Bosch


Library dedication tape (not part of set)






CD’s from our First Women’s Conference in Indiana November 2007  $5ea



Roots of Feminism (or DVD see above)

Sarah Leslie


Education & Psychology

Sarah Leslie


Being a discerner and keeping your faith in troubled times ( or DVD)

Sarah Leslie


The Marketing of Inner Healing to Women and their Families

Jan Fletcher


A Biblical Provision for Women Suffering Emotional Pain  - Part 1

Jan Fletcher


A Biblical Provision for Women Suffering Emotional Pain – Part 2

Jan Fletcher


Education & Psychology, etc. (Open discussion group)

Sarah Leslie


Chasing the Charismatic Carrot – Testimony – Part 1

Charlotte Stucki


Chasing the Charismatic Carrot – Testimony – Part 2

Charlotte Stucki


Evangelism for Today (or DVD) – Sorry messages did not tape – not available

Dwayna Litz


Evangelical Feminism

Dwyna Litz


Beautiful Side of Evil & Entrance of the Occult into the Church (or DVD)

J. Michaelsen


Testing the Spirits

J. Michaelsen


Women of the Prophetic Movement (or DVD)

Jackie Alnor


Mystical Revival in the Last Days

Jackie Alnor


Music and its Effect on the Youth (or DVD)

Carol Guffey


False Religions, i.e. Secular Humanism, etc and the effects on your family Pt 1

Dorothy Bauss


False Religions, i.e. Secular Humanism, etc and the effects on your family Pt 2

Dorothy Bauss


Becoming a Discerning Wife and Mother

Susan Conway


Continuing as a Discerning Wife and Mother

Susan Conway


Prophecy in the Light of Scriptures – Part 1

Past. Joe Bell


Prophecy in the Light of Scriptures – Part 2

Past. Joe Bell


The “Jesus” of the Emerging Church (from Australia) (or DVD)

Jewel Grewe


The New Breed – Emphasis on Youth (from Australia)  (or DVD)

Jewel Grewe








Transformation of the Church Conference – Niles, MI Oct 10&11, 2008



1.   Rosicrucian Vision of a Transformed World

Martin Erdmann


2.   Was Paul a Mystic?

Larry DeBruyn


3.   “Everything Must Change” – Firsthand account of Brian McLaren’s conference

Jeff Whittaker


4.   The Puritan View of Post-Millennialism

Martin Erdmann


5.   The Transhumanist Vision of a Transformed World

Martin Erdmann


6.   The New Breed

Jewel Grewe


7.   Romancing the Soul: Music & Mysticism

Larry DeBruyn


8.   Synopsis of the Conference

Sarah Leslie


The Gospel Messenger and His Message – Expository Sermon on Romans 1:1-4

Dr. M. Erdmann


Preached at Franklin Rd Baptist Church in Indianapolis on Oct. 12,2008






Preparing the Church for the Great Apostasy!  Crete, IL April 17-19, 2009



1.  Discerning the Truth

Lynn Leslie


2.  Why we need Discernment

Jeffrey Whittaker


3.  The Cults & the Occult

Jim Nations


4.  Targeting the Youth

Jewel Grewe


5.  New Age & its ongoing influences in Society and the Church

Sarah Leslie


6.  Basics of modern management and the effects on the Church

Lynn Leslie


7.  The Emergent Church

Jeffrey Whittaker


8.  The Rise of Mysticism in the Church

Jewl Grewe


9.  The Coming World System

Jim Nations


10. How the Holy Spirit breaks the Power of Homosexuality

Jack Morlan





Women on the Watch Conference – Ontario, CA  Sept. 2009



1.  Birth Pangs: Sounds of heavy labor

Jackie Alnor


2.  The Great Emergence Apostasy: Manipulation of the Sheep

Sarah Leslie


3.  The Coming Civil War in the Church

Holly Pivec


4.  Contemplative Convergence

Caryl Matriciana


5.  The Slide into Mysticism

Jewel Grewe


6.  The Emerging One World Order Church – How far did we progressed?

Sarah Leslie


7.  Oprah Spirituality

Caryl Matriciana


8. The Blessed Hope: How shall we then live?

Cheryl Brodersen





The New (Yet Old) Spirituality Conference - Bowling Green, OH  Oct. 2009 



1.   Manipulation of the Sheep

Sarah Leslie


2.   Everything must Change – Changes Everything

Jeff Whittaker


3.   Quantum Physics and the New Spirituality

Larry DeBruyn


4.   Spirituality (Old & New)

Jewel Grewe


5.   Reinventing of Science and the Emerging Church

Sarah Leslie


6.   Perfectionism and Romanticism

Martin Erdmann


7.   Separating from the Emergent

Lynn Leslie


8.   Perfectionism and Revivalism

Martin Erdmann


9.   Perfectionism and Postmillenialism

Martin Erdmann


10.  On the Rocks in THE SHACK

Larry DeBruyn



IFCB 2010 Conference - Sun Valley, CA  March 2010  
  1.   Apostasy: A Great Revival or a Great Falling Away?

Anton Bosch

  2.   A Great Revival? - The Myth of the "Great Revival"

Lynn Leslie

  3.   Are you Feeding at the trough? Sarah Leslie
  4.   The Entanglement of Sin Gary Osborne
  5.   Living for Christ in Wicked & Adulterous Times! Jewel Grewe
  6.   A Form of Godliness Anton Bosch
  7.   Defining Apostasy Sarah Leslie
  8.   The Charismatic Hitch Gary Osborne
  9.   God is Faithful Anton Bosch
  10.   There is Nothing - Go Again! Gary Osborne


Women on the Watch - Sun Valley, CA October 2010  
  1.  The New Mystics Jackie Alnor
  2.  The Old Mystics (Desert Fathers) Caryl Matrisciana
  3.  Joel's Army Arises! Jewel Grewe
  4.  Dominionism & The False Church Sarah Leslie
  5.  Traits of the Whore of Babylon Jackie Alnor
  6.  Pantheistic Hollywood Caryl Matrisciana
  7.  Being a Discerning Woman in Today's World Sarah Leslie
  8.  Testing the Spirits Johanna Michaelsen


The Rise of Dominionism in the Church - Bowling Green, OH  October 2010  
  1.  The Old Testament Prophets and Dominionism Larry DeBruyn
  2.  The New Testament and Dominionism Lynn Leslie
  3.  Past Manifestations of Western World's Most Influential Religion: Technocracy Martin Erdmann
  4.  Historical Perspective of Dominionism Jeffrey Whittaker
  5.  Current Manifestations of......Most Influential Relogion: Technocracy Martin Erdmann
  6.  Judas and the Social Gospel (2 CD's) Jeffrey Whittaker
  7.  Joel's Army / Dominionism  (2 CD's) Jewel & Sarah
  8.  Rise of Modern Dominionism Sarah Leslie
  9.  Freemasonry and the Rise of Mystery Religions - I Jim Nations
  10. Freemasonry and the Rise of Mystery Religions - II  Part 1 Jim Nations
  11. Freemasonry and the Rise of Mystery Religions - II  Part 2 Jim Nations
  Price of CD set ($65.00)  MP3 $15.00  


Setting the Compass Conference - Naugatuck, CT October 2010  
  1.  Historical Background Jeffrey Whittaker
  2.  Separation and Non-Conformity Lynn Leslie
  3.  History of the Emergent Church Sarah Leslie
  4.  What is the Church?  (2 CD's) Anton Bosch
  5.  Overview of the Emergent Church Jeffrey Whittaker
  6.  Missions or Missional? Jewel Grewe
  7.  Two Kingdoms Anton Bosch
  8.  Joel's Army Rises Again! Jewel Grewe
  9.  Rise of Dominionism  (2 CD's) Sarah Leslie
  10. Inclusivism Examined in the Light of Scripture John Marston
   Price of the CD set. ($60.00)   MP3 $15.00  


The New Foundation Church - New Cumberland, PA  April 2011  
  1.   The "Stranger" Church: From Bride to Harlot Larry DeBruyn
  2.   Primer on Postmodernism & the Emergent Church Movement Jeff Whittaker
  3.   The Hermetic View of Man as Magus: A Terrestial God's Destiny....... Martin Erdmann
  4.   Bewitched! Evil Eye over Evangelism! Larry DeBruyn
  5.   Confessions of an Ex Mystic Sarah Leslie
  6.   The Truth about the Holy Spirit vs. The Deception Jeff Whittaker
  7.   Separation from the New Emergent Church Lynn Leslie
  8.   The Old Problems with the New Apostles Jeff Whittaker
  9.   More than Human: The Transhumanist Agenda of Transforming Humans...... Martin Erdmann
  10.  Dialogue with Deception: Visions, Voices and Visitations Larry DeBruyn
  11.  The Story of the Rise of a New Social Gospel Sarah Leslie
  Price of CD set  $55.00   MP3 $15.00  Now Available!  


Available in a MP3 Only - See MP3 section  


Quantum Mysticism 2012 & Beyond - Niles, MI June 2012  
  1.    Doomsday Datasetters 2012: Quantum Eschatology Gaylene Goodroad
  2.    Quantum Titanic: The Church and the New Age etc... Warren Smith
  3.    From Cosmos to Chaos: The New Physics Larry DeBruyn
  4.    Transhumanism, Utopianism and Alchemy Martin Erdmann
  5.    From Chaos to Consciousness: The New Spirituality Larry DeBruyn
  6.    The New Spirituality and the New Science Martin Erdmann
  7.    Quantum Mysticism - Pt 1: Codes, Cosms and Cryptologies Gaylene Goodroad
  8.    Antichrist, Pseudochrist and the Beast Jeff Whittaker
  9.    In Christ: The True Unio Mystica Larry DeBruyn
  10.   Strange Beginnings: Joel's Army and the Cosmos Jewel Grewe
  11.   The Rise of Technocracy: Creating a Technetronic Era Martin Erdmann
  12.   Quantum Mysticism - Pt 2: Quantum Teleporting & Geomancy Gaylene Goodroad
  13.   Rise of Pagan Mythology: What it means for the Church Sarah Leslie
  14.   How to stand Fast in the Last Days: What Scripture tells us Warren Smith
  Special Price Full set of CD's @ $60.00   MP3 of all messages above $15.00  


IFCB 2013 Conferece - Sun Valley, CA  
  1.   Desperate need for Prayer and Devotion Shane Idleman
  2.   The Centrality of Christ Fritz Stucki
  3.   Latest Trend in Heresy Sarah Leslie
  4.   Preach the Word Gary Osborne
  5.   Malachi - A remnant in the Day of Apostasy Charlotte Stucki
  6.   The Centrality of Christ Malcolm Harris
  7.   Turn to the Lord Marco Quintana
  8.   The Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ Anton Bosch
  9.   By My witnesses Gary Osborne
  CD's $5.00 each  MP3 of all the above $12.00  

Discernment Youth Conference - Niles, MI - October 2014

  1. The Present of His "Presence" Past. Larry DeBruyn
  2.  Why & what do I need to Discern? Lynn Leslie
  3.  What is Biblical Discernment? Jewel Grewe
  4.  "Beam me up Scotty!" Past. Jeff Whittaker
  5.  Debunking the Psychological Way T.A. McMahon
  6.  Judas vs. the Social Gospel Past. Jeff Whittaker
  7.  "My Life in the Way"  (Testimony) Galene Goodroad
  8.  Story of a former Hippie and Jesus Freak  (Testimony) Sarah Leslie
  9.  Growing up in the Latter Rain  (Testimony) Jewel Grewe
  10. The History of Neo-Evangelicals Dr. Martin Erdmann
  11. The Bible according to Hollywood T.A. McMahon
  12. How to Study Scripture Past. Jeff Whittaker
  CD's $5.00 each MP3 $15.00 for all  DVD's $10.00each  

Christian Alliance Ministries Conf. - U.K. July 2014

1. 1.  The War is real Past. Anton Bosch
2. 2.  Take up the Sword of the Spirit Past. Bill Randles
3. 3.  Gird up the loins of your mind Past. Anton Bosch
4. 4.  Stand! Past. Anton Bosch
5. 5.  What the Thessalonians Knew Past. Bill Randles
6. 6.  Philip preached Christ Past. Bill Randles
7. 7.  Iniquity or Love Roger Winter-Smith
8. 8.  Amalek Past. Anton Bosch
  CD's $5.00 each MP3 $12.00 for all  


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