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See our conference page for our October 2015 conference.


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INFORMED CHRISTIANS and serious students of God’s Word would certainly agree that America—and the rest of the world—is prophetically on “borrowed time.” With increasing speed, the signs of the times are drawing nearer and growing clearer. Unfortunately, while the church should be encouraged by Bible prophecy and exhorted to greater personal holiness and evangelism, there instead exists a cadre of prophets and pitchmen creating confusion in the body of Christ. Prominent pastor-authors pronounce their warnings—while eager publishers promote their wares. In his latest book, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn boldly purports to reveal a previously unknown and undiscovered “3,000-YEAR-OLD MYSTERY that…       David James  $13.50



This is a collection of 60 articles that are designed to edify, exhort and comfort. Each article stands on its own and can easily be read in just a few minutes. While the truths expounded in the articles are simple and   fundamental they will remind the reader of eternal truths that may have been forgotten. The Author often brings a fresh perspective to old Texts.      Anton Bosch  $12.95





EXPOSED: The false Faith Healing/Prosperity Gospel An in-depth scriptural refutation of more than 100 false faith teachings taught around the world about Jesus and the Bible by "false faith ministies" and their followers.

Danny Frigulti  $12.00



** C247 - DVD's now available in groups!   $15.00 each plus postage


Group One = DVD C247-A

1.         The Present of His “Presence” ……Pastor Larry DeBruyn

2.         Why and what do I need to Discern? …….Lynn Leslie

3          What is Biblical Discernment? …….Jewel Grewe

4.         “Beam me down Scotty” …….Pastor Jeff Whitaker


Group Two = DVD C247-B

5.         Debunking the Psychological Way ……..T.A. McMahon

6.         Judas vs. the Social Gospel …….Pastor Jeff Whittaker

7.         Morning Devotion …….Pastor Dan Spicer


Group Three = DVD C247-C

8.         “My Life in the Way” …….Gaylene Goodroad (Testimony)

9.         Story of former Hippie and Jesus Freak ……..Sarah Leslie (Testimony)

10.        Growing up in the Latter Rain …….Jewel Grewe (Testimony)


Group Four = DVD C247-D

11.        The History of Neo-Evangelicals …….Dr. Martin Erdmann

12.        The Bible according to Hollywood …….T.A. McMahon

13.        How to study Scripture ……..Pastor Jeff Whittaker


 New! MP3 #12 Book of James (12 studies) & Book of Galations (22 Studies)

Both books on one MP3 - Bosch..$12.00 & postage

Also New! Book of 2 Corinthians (50 studies) - Anton Bosch...$12.00 & postage


Previous sets

MP3 #11 Study of Acts (67 Studies) By Past. Anton Bosch ...$12.00 & postage

MP3 #10 Study of 1 Corinthians (79 Verse by verse studies on 2 disks)

By Past. Anton Bosh ....$24.00 both plus $2.00 postage


New! From Sun Valley Community Church:  Bereans in the 21st Century - "The Spirit Filled Life" Conference

 in Florida, November 2014 - Speakers are Anton Bosch, T.A. McMahon & Gary Osborne. This conference is

available on line at:


C248 Christian Alliance Ministries Conf. - U.K. July 2014 Speakers
1. The War is real Past. Anton Bosch
2. Take up the Sword of the Spirit Past. Bill Randles
3. Gird up the loins of your mind Past. Anton Bosch
4. Stand! Past. Anton Bosch
5. What the Thessalonians Knew Past. Bill Randles
6. Philip preached Christ Past. Bill Randles
7. Iniquity or Love Roger Winter-Smith
8. Amalek Past. Anton Bosch
  These conference materials are now available  
  MP 3 of all the messages above available @ $12.00  & postage  
  CD's $5.00 each & postage  

The following conference materials (C247) are now available!

C247 Discernment Youth Conference - Niles, MI - October 2014 Speakers
1. The Present of His "Presence" Past. Larry DeBruyn
2. Why & what do I need to Discern? Lynn Leslie
3. What is Biblical Discernment? Jewel Grewe
4. "Beam me up Scotty!" Past. Jeff Whittaker
5. Debunking the Psychological Way T.A. McMahon
6. Judas vs. the Social Gospel Past. Jeff Whittaker
7. "My Life in the Way"  (Testimony) Galene Goodroad
8. Story of a former Hippie and Jesus Freak  (Testimony) Sarah Leslie
9. Growing up in the Latter Rain  (Testimony) Jewel Grewe
10. The History of Neo-Evangelicals Dr. Martin Erdmann
11. The Bible according to Hollywood T.A. McMahon
12. How to Study Scripture Past. Jeff Whittaker
  Mp 3 of all the above messages $15.00 - Now available!  
  CD's $5.00 each or $50.00 for the set  - Now available!  
  DVD's $10.00 each or $100.00 for the set - Now available!  


C246 IFCB  2013 Conference - Sun Valley, CA - September 2013 Speakers
1. Desperate need for Prayer and Devotion Shane Idleman
2. The Centrality of Christ Fritz Stucki
3. Latest Trend in Heresy: Q&A Sarah Leslie
4. Preach the Word Gary Osborne
5. Malachi - A remnant in the Day of Apostasy Charlotte Stucki
6. The Centrality of Christ Malcolm Harris
7. Turn to the Lord Marco Quintana
8. The Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ Anton Bosch
9. Be My witnesses Gary Osborne
  MP 3 of all the messages above available @ $12.00    CD's $5.00 each  


Sarah spoke on Sonlife Radio and covered the materials below (scroll down) in

Conference # C245 - (Quantum Mysticism) highligted in pink.

DVD's are $10.00 each and CD's are $5.00 each.

15% or minimum postage should be added. (See order form on our pricing page)



C245 Quantum Mysticism 2012 & Beyond - Niles, June 2012 Speakers
1. Doomsday Datasetters 2012: Quantum Eschatology Gaylene Goodroad
2. Quantum Titanic: The Church and the New Age etc... Warren Smith
3. From Cosmos to Chaos: The New Physics Larry DeBruyn
4. Transhumanism, Utopianism and Alchemy * Martin Erdmann
5. From Chaos to Consciousness: The New Spirituality Larry DeBruyn
6. The New Spirituality and the New Science * Martin Erdmann
7. Quantum Mysticism - Pt 1: Codes, Cosms and Cryptologies Gaylene Goodroad
8. Antichrist, Pseudochrist and the Beast Jeff Whittaker
9. In Christ: The True Unio Mystica Larry DeBruyn
10. Strange Beginnings: Joel's Army and the Cosmos Jewel Grewe
11. The Rise of Technocracy: Creating a Technetronic Era * Martin Erdmann
12. Quantum Mysticism - Pt 2: Quantum Teleporting & Geomancy Gaylene Goodroad
13. Rise of Pagan Mythology: What it means for the Church Sarah Leslie
14. How to stand Fast in the Last Days: What Scripture tells us Warren Smith
  Special Price for Full set of CD's @ $60.00   or  DVD's @ $120.00 DVD# B12.1-14
  MP3 of all the messages above $15.00  
**** MP3 of only the messages in Pink are available for your convenience $7.00  
**** A set of DVD's of Pink messages are also available at a special price of $20.00  


* To make it easier to follow Dr. Martin Erdmann's teachings we will have the transcripts of his teachings available on request. Send your e-mail address to  The original requests for the transcripts was sent out on 7-11-12





These are the Original Transcripts of

Bob Jones and Mike Bickle taken directly

from five audio tapes from 1988.

A 89 page conversation / interview between them...$15.00  1 Copy Left!



 All messages by Phillip Powell from Australia Sold Out!

We now have our First Women's Conference from Indiana in November of 2005

available on a single MP3 Disk (20 messages) $20.00



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