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The following speakers are available for speaking to groups or churches whenever they can.

Please call Discernment Ministries at: (903) 567-6423 to schedule a speaker for your group or to

make arrangements for a multi-speaker conference.

The cost and or limitations for these speaking engagements will be discussed with the person

requesting the speaker.



Pastor Larry De Bruyn  A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Larry is a graduate

  of Taylor University (B.S., 1968) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th. M., 1974) where he

  received the Charles A. Nash Award in Church History.  He has been married to his wife for

  forty-two years.  They have two grown sons.
  Pastor Larry has served in local church ministry for over forty-two years. He has also taught

  on the adjunct faculties of Taylor University, Upland, Indiana (1979), Crossroads Bible College,     Indianapolis, Indiana (1990-1999), and Word of Life Bible Institute, Toalmas, Hungary (2006).

Since 1990,  he has also ministered in Eastern Europe teaching, preaching, and helping to plant churches in the nations of Lithuania and Ukraine, as well as having ministered in Australia and New Zealand.
In addition to internet articles published on various websites, in Christian magazines and theological

journals, he has authored three books: "Church On the Rise, Why I am not a 'Purpose Driven' Pastor,"

(2007) "Drumming Up Deception, Whether in Celebration or Contemplation-- 'Feeling' the Beat,"

(2008) and most recently, "Unshackled, Breaking Away from Seductive Spirituality," (2009)


Larry's topics include:


■   On the Rocks in THE SHACK

■   Quantum Physics & the New Spirituality

■   Romancing the Soul: Music & Mysticism

■   The 'Stranger' Church: From Bride to Harlot

■   Bewitched! Evil Eye Over Evangelism!

■   Dialogue with Deception: Visions, Voices and Visitations

■   Was Paul a Mystic?

■   From Cosmos to Chaos to Consciousness: "The New Quantum Spirituality"

■   Kiss the Son! "Dominionism and Psalm 2"


Check Pastor Larry's availability by calling the number above.


Jewel Grewe Discernment Ministries was started by Jewel and her late husband Travers

van der Merwe in the late 1980s. Their concerns led the van der Merwes to publish a bi-monthly newsletter, DISCERNMENT, then write their first book, STRANGE FIRE, which dealt with the revival of a neo-gnosticism developing at a rapid speed within Christendom. She has continued with the publishing of the Discernment newsletter and speaking at conferences since that time. Discernment Ministries has a research library and together with the Discernment Research Group endeavors to keep updated materials available through both their offices in the United States and South Africa.


Her subjects of expertise are:  


■  The Latter Rain

■  Joel's Army

■  Manifest Sons of God

■  Mysticism/Gnosticism

■  The New Breed 

■   The "Jesus" of the Emergent Church


Jewel will be available for speaking engagements when she returns from Zimbawe at the end of 2011.



Lynn & Sarah Leslie

Lynn Leslie is a senior human resources professional with over thirty years in administration and management. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a Master of Public Administration. For six years he was an adjunct instructor teaching master’s level coursework. Lynn has served on the Board of Directors of two homeless missions and founded several non-profit groups. Lynn, along with his wife Sarah, was a leader in both the right to life and home schooling movements. Together they home schooled their seven children, and they have ministered to many other children and adults living in their home over the years. Lynn has served in positions of leadership in several ministries, and since 2000 has served on the Board of Directors of Discernment Ministries. Lynn is

the former publisher of The Christian Conscience magazine and Conscience Press, which published Charlotte Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and the first editions of Warren Smith’s books Deceived on Purpose and Reinventing Jesus Christ. Lynn co-authored and published the monograph “The Pied Pipers of Purpose: Part 1: Human Capital Systems and Church Performance.” He is a founding member of the Discernment Research Group which publishes Herescope, and has also co-authored many articles for Discernment Ministries published in the newsletter and on the Internet. He is a frequent speaker at Discernment conferences.

Lynn’s topics include:

■   The Business Management Model in the Church

■   The Dialectic Process

■   Biblical Separation and Nonconformity

■   The New Testament and Dominionism

■   Biblical Discernment

■   Psychology and Theology


Sarah Leslie has a unique testimony of being radically saved and coming out of the hippie movement and its eastern mysticism. Sarah has a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.S. in Counseling and had a professional counseling practice for six years. She headed the right to life movement in Iowa during the 1980s and became a home schooling leader during a key crisis in 1989-92. Her testimony of this crisis, “Home schooling Under Fire,” is posted on numerous websites. During the 1990s Sarah became a leader in the opposition to Outcome-Based Education and edited the newspaper Free World Research Report. She served as an editor and publisher for the magazine The Christian Conscience, Charlette Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, and the first editions of Warren Smith’s books Deceived on Purpose and Reinventing Jesus Christ. Sarah co-authored the monograph “The Pied Pipers of Purpose: Part 1: Human Capital Systems and Church Performance.” She was a founding member of the Discernment Research Group which publishes the Herescope blog and serves as its main editor. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Discernment Ministries since the year 2000. She has written numerous articles for various publications in print and online, including the Discernment Newsletter. Over the years she has done in-depth research behind the scenes for many published works by other authors. She has appeared on numerous radio and television interviews and frequently serves as a substitute host on Constance Cumbey’s MicroEffect.

Sarah’s topics include many of the topics on Herescope as well as:

■   The New Apostolic Reformation

■   The Cell Church/Apostolic Model

■   The Emergent Church Movement

■   Dominionism

■   The Transformation of the Church

■   The New Age Movement

■   Marketing Methods in the Church

■   Psychology, Education and Humanism in the Church

■   Sarah’s Testimony


Lynn and Sarah's availability for speaking engagements is extremely limited for now.




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