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Sarah spoke on Sonlife Radio and covered materials from Conference C245 - See note

on our Latest Materials page.


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The Day of the Lord- A Commentary on the book of Revelation (Comb bind)

This is a cronological study of Revelation from a pre-millennial and pre-tribulation rapture point of view. - Prof. Johan Malan - $8.50


MP3 Disk - 76 Messages by Anton Bosch  - $12.00 each

There are too many messages on this MP3 to list all the titles.  Anton Bosch is a conservative Bible teacher who only uses the Bible for his 'plumbline'.  Henceforth, his ministries is called Plumbline Ministries.  We recommended this MP3 for new believers as well as those who are growing in the knowledge of the Lord and are looking to establish their faith. Many of the messages address erroneous teachings that are infiltrating the church.  If you are looking for a specific topic, please call us to inquire if we have a message that would be suited to that topic.  

Pied Pipers of Purpose This book gives a detailed background of the business influences behind the Purpose Driven Church. From the book:“The context in which to properly place the Purpose-Driven format is within a much larger initiative to transform local churches worldwide.”   Lynn & Sarah Leslie & Susan Conway  Regular Price $3.50  10 or more $1.50 each & postage

Dominionism and the rise of Christian Imperialism (booklet)    There is a definite rise in Kingdom Now Dominion Theology that is taking the Church by storm. Massive organizations have other intentions than 'preaching the gospel'. Sarah Leslie  Regular Price  $3.00   10 or more $1.00 each & postage

New Neutralism ll – Exposing the Gray of Compromise It is the author’s contention that new evangelicalism has proven to be an enemy of sound doctrine, reverent worship and holy living which marked biblical Christianity fifty years ago.          John E. Ashbrook    $5.00


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